Contributing to taggit

Thank you for taking the time to contribute to django-taggit.

Follow these guidelines to speed up the process.

Reach out before you start

Before opening a new issue, try the following steps:

Fork repo and install your fork

Once you have forked this repository to your own github account or organization, install your own fork in your development environment:

git clone<your_fork>/django-taggit.git
cd django-taggit
python develop

Running tests

make test

Opening the django shell

./ shell

Creating new migrations

./ makemigrations

Follow style conventions (PEP8, isort)

Check that your changes are not breaking the style conventions with:

flake8 taggit
python isort

For more information, please see:

Update documentation

If you introduce new features or change existing documented behavior, please remember to update the documentation!

The documentation is located in the /docs directory of the repository.

To do work on the docs, proceed with the following steps:

cd docs/
pip install sphinx
# update the text files with your favorite text editor
make html

Send pull request

Now is time to push your changes to github and open a pull request!