Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I get all my tags?

If you are using just an out-of-the-box setup, your tags are stored in the Tag model (found in taggit.models). If this is a custom model (for example you have your own models derived from ItemBase), then you’ll need to query that one instead.

So if you are using the standard setup, Tag.objects.all() will give you the tags.

  • How can I use this with factory_boy?

Since these are all built off of many-to-many relationships, you can check out factory_boy’s documentation on this topic and get some ideas on how to deal with tags.

One way to handle this is with post-generation hooks:

class ProductFactory(DjangoModelFactory):
     # Rest of the stuff

     def tags(self, create, extracted, **kwargs):
         if not create:

         if extracted: